Plant stand and plants

I have had a lot of questions regarding where I got my white side table from, the thing is that it’s actually a simple plant stand from IKEA from the range “Lantliv”. There are two sizes available and I have the bigger version. I personally use it as a combined plant stand and side table for example plants, flowers, candles and snacks! I’m so happy with it and it makes a beautiful display and it suits perfectly at a big window, against a wall or next to a sofa. The two plants that are in the picture are also from Ikea.

Here you can find the different sizes on?Ikea’s website:

Lantliv big:? ?40

Lantliv small:? ?25

I bought some planting pots from the range Skurar at Ikea, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also have candle holders, hanging planters and a clock. I have seen others using the planting pots in their kitchens for utensils, in the bathrooms for storage, which is typical Ikea since their things have multi purposes.

I think the Skurar range look very elegant and stylish considering how little it cost. The pattern almost looks lite lace and I?think they go well with almost everything. I love the candle plate with the big marble candle that I bought at John Lewis, the stupid thing is that I never use it since I don’t?want to damage it.

I think that it is kind of ironic that when I was?a young girl, my mother used to buy everything in white. I said to her that I thought that white was to pale and not even a colour and that I would never have all white in my house. Guess what? Now I have even more white in my home than my mother! A lot of Scandinavian homes use white as a base and then build with colourful accessories, which I prefer since it really brightens everything up. Do you guys agree?

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