New miniature greenhouse and hanging planters

We got a lovely Easter gift from my husband’s sisters family which is a miniature greenhouse made of glass. I love having plants and flowers and this glass house will make a beautiful display on my brass shelf!

I have now planted some seeds from my wedding bouquet in the miniature greenhouse. When it has grown a bit I’m going to plant them in our garden as a memory and hopefully be able to enjoy the flowers for many years.?This would be an excellent wedding gift or a present for new parents as a memory or a start of something new. It can be used as a greenhouse but also as a keepsake box for something that you would like to save.

As you guys probably remember, we got gift cards from John Lewis from our friends as a wedding gift. I ordered some hanging planters that I have wanted for a few weeks now. The brand is called?Umbra, they come in two different sizes. A two-pack?with smaller pots or one single?big pot. Available in brass or copper.


Now I just need to find a nice radiator cover and a lamp that will?go with the brass. I hope that I can show you guys the result by next week! I might even by the hanging?planters for the kitchen or our garden/guest room.




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