Healthy snacks

I must admit?that since I got my daughter, my habits?regarding snacking have become?even worse! She is now 19 months and everytime she gets something to eat in between?meals, I do too. It is a really bad habit since it will damage the teeth and health. I know that a lot of parents recognise this dilemma and what I like to do is have some healthy snacks like nuts, fruit or plain popcorn! The best thing is that my daughter loves it too. I can hardly put the bowl of popcorn?down at the coffee table before she is literary?IN THE BOWL.

To me, it’s really important that we introduce healthy snacks for our daughter. She will have plenty of sweets when she grows up, but if you show the kids early that healthy is good too, then they might stick to it. Yesterday we had popcorn, strawberries and ginger ale?(for the adults).

Another great this about plain popcorn, dogs can eat them too! Our golden loves popcorn and is barely contains any calories!

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