Duvets-Single or double?

Having been in the UK for almost a year and a half I really have adapted well to everything but one thing, having to share ONE duvet! I cannot begin to describe how much I hate having to share the duvet with someone (don’t worry, only my husband) It gets very hot, it is impossible to fit underneath with a toddler no matter how big bed or duvet is, also it is a nightmare to change the bedding and you always end up fighting for extra room.

We have solved that problem by buying two single?duvets from IKEA called “R?dtoppa”, they are 200 cm long and 150 cm wide (Scandinavian size).

The UK size is 190 cm long and 135 wide, so make sure to check the size of your bedding before changing duvets. I made that mistake of having?expensive single bedding from John Lewis and then I bought IKEA?s duvets, then I had to but extra duvets that are now in our guest bed along with the nice bedding.

However, I still feel that having two separate duvets suits us much better. The only problem I have now is to admit that it looks much better when you make the bed with a big duvet, maybe I should have both? Please feel free to share your opinion.

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